Enable bridge mode on my S33?

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Hello guys i just recently purchase an combo of Arris S33 + W21 mAX router, in the store they advice me to set up the S33 on bridge mode to install the mAX router, but am not able to find the Bridge mode on the settings of my S33

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Modems don’t have/need bridge mode. Bridge mode disables the router features on a combo unit.

Unfortunately you will not be able to find that option on the S33 because the “Bridge Mode”  is a feature available for Gateways *(Modem + Router), where the bridge is gonna disable the router functionalities of your Gateway,


In your scenario you have only an modem so is not need or available the Bridge mode feature, so the only thing you have to make sure is to have the S33 fully activated with your ISP,  and then follow up the onboarding process of installation on the Surfboard Central App,


This article could help you with all that process