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  • 19 September 2022
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New SB6183 with Xfinity wi-fi. After instal, and several resstarts by me and Comcast, the top and bottom lights are white, not green. The system restarts on its own periodically, sometimes repeatedly. Can you tell me if the lights are a concern?


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The top/bottom light should only turn green according to the manual. Only the 2 middle led’s on it can be green or blue. 


do you have a screen snip of the cable connections page? (shows upstream/downstream info)

And the event logs? Those help check the connection

Will get those this evening when I am back home. Will get screensots of those.

I agree with you that the top and bottom lights should be green. This is a new unit replacing an 4 year old SB6190 where the top and bottom lights were only green.

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Hello, jrmacccd

By any chance are the 2 lights in the middle blue ?

Basically when the 2 LED’s in the middle are blue, they can cause the first and last light look white, but it is normal, it does not affect the performance of the SB6183.

Hope this information helps, anything else, please let us know. 



The two middle are blue. It appears to be working now. Thank you.