Arris SB8200 modem vs Xfinity

  • 31 May 2023
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I have an Arris SB8200 modem that has worked well for several years, with no issues. There were some early on, but those were resolved with line repairs by Xfinity. A while back, Xfinity gave me an automatic upgrade to 1200 Mb per second, but I kept my gigabit modem since I was happy with the lower speed.  Recently I have had intermittent dropouts on streaming music and video services and the modem reception light that had been blue(Docsys 3.1) is primarily green, with occasional brief attempts to change to blue. Initially xfinity service suggested it was due to upcoming line service in the area. That time has passed, and nothing has changed, so today they told me the problem was incompatibility between their upgraded equipment and my modem. They suggested I rent equipment from Comcast and that would solve the problems.  Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this kind of issue? Should I have a technician come out and check the lines on my end to determine what else might be going on?  If they conclude, the problem is the router, I will be charged for the service call.



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Hello satired

                        SB8200 is just a cable modem so this has the compatible speed with Xfinity up to 800 Gbps and you can check for the details on the below link which is the official web site for your Internet service provider,

               Device Info - Xfinity

              Having intermittent connection or no internet access occurs usually out of cable signal level, out of acceptable range and it will be resolved after the power level are adjusted by the service provider. So for this we need to check the cable signal level to confirm what causing this issue to proceed further. Please follow the steps mentioned on the link below to check the signal level


Let us know if this helps.