Dropping connection & warranty claim

  • 15 January 2023
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I asked a question a couple months ago and did not receive any assistance that helps or answers my question.


I have a SBG7600AC2 and want to know how to submit a warranty claim without having to call customer service?  This has consistently dropped connections and restarted many, many times over the last couple of months.  I had my cable company here twice and they don't find anything wrong on their end.  I switched to a different modem/router and haven't had any issues since.  I had to hook up a new modem in order to have wifi.  So I would now have to call my cable company back and reactivate the problem modem so Arris customer service can tell me that it doesn’t work.  It took me quite a while to activate all my devices to be working with the new modem.  I am not sure I want to have to go through that again twice.  Is there no other solution?  Anyone?

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there’s a live chat option.