Why can't I access the "Operation" section?

  • 23 December 2022
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Once logged into the web interface, there are three headings at the top of the page: “Configuration”, “Operation”, and “Logout”.  I am guessing that “Operation” is where I can view traffic or logs and whatnot but when I click it, I am presented with another login page that will not accept my admin password or the password from the side of the physical gateway.


I cannot find any documentation or resources explaining how to correct this.


What am I doing wrong?


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Hello port43

                      In this case we need to check what exactly you see on the modem GUI so if possible could you please help me with the screenshot or picture of the modem settings page where you get this issue.



This isn’t just a modem but a gateway/router as well.  Anyway, brings me here:

Logging in takes me here and if I click on “Operation” (outlined by the added yellow box):

I wind up here:

where login attempts get me this error:


My internet connection is continually dropping and the gateway has to continually re-establish communication so my end goal is to be able to see all traffic in and out in order to understand what is going on.




This issue is resolved.  I found a consumer care sheet online that mentioned a default password.  I tried the password listed and my gateway, for some reason,  had reverted to the default password.

Reset to a new password and all is well.