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  • 16 February 2024
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Mr. Moderator, before you tell me the SBG8300 firmware update is pushed out by the ISP, please be aware I have read the other posts on this issue, I have just got off the phone with Xfinity, and they say it has to come from Arris.  Regardless of who it comes from, please, just inform me and your every loving public what the latest firmware version number might be.  I have  I saw that in an earlier post, but nobody answered the question.  Maybe it is time for the consumers to know the magic number.  I’m not asking to download it myself, just want to know if I need to push Xfinity for a newer version.

I have issues with parental controls giving me “Operation Failed” errors when I try to add, edit, or delete items.  I’m not tech savvy and not sure firmware is the issue. I tried to reset the SBG8300, but it did helped. Parental controls work on some of my devices, but never seem to work on my son’s school issued Chromebook. 

One other question, as long as I have your eyeballs on this, is there a limit to the number of Blocked Website or Keywords? 


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Regarding current Firmware version sorry we don't have information on that and it also depends on the ISP (service provider), location and also the speed plan you are in. So you need to check this with your service provider only.

If you couldn't add particular device to the modem parental control setup please restart or power cycle the modem and then try again.

And there no limits to the number of Blocked Website or Keywords on the parental control setup.