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  • 11 February 2023
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My 8200 modem is still showing on the app, but neither 6600 main or satellite showing. They were there and I was able to set up the network, but now the app only shows modem. Network still working both wired and wireless??

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2 replies

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Hello Ccatt327,


We understand that 6600 and satellite are not showing on the Surfboard Central App. Please check whether are you using Surfboard Central app version 4.0.14 for Android and version 4.0.15 for iOS is now available on the Google and Apple App stores. 

If still you are not able to access the max router  6600 and satellite on the Surfboard Central App please continue with the onboarding process . 

Let us know if this helps .




It is a new installation so I have the most recent app and updates on the devices. I had to factory reset all 3 units and re install to get them to recognize. The other issue I haven’t been able to solve is after installing 8200 modem mx6000 router and additional mx 6000 satellite network works, but when putting it in bridge mode I get a failure notification. Even after 3 hrs the bridged switch in app shows on but wifi is locked in remote access mode. No way to revert back to unbridged without factory reset on all 3 devices. I tried logging in to modem and checking settings?  Any Idea why the mesh package I bought won’t mesh??