Surfboard Central App and SBG10 Combo Modem/Router

  • 29 December 2022
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My ISP svc rep helped me overcome an installation error on my part (ID-10-T) after I failed to provide the proper ID to my ISP. (Rep was also updating/troubleshooting my overall connection & cabling).


The SBG10 now works perfectly.


Question: What purpose is the Surfboard Central app now?

--When I try to use it, it wants to start the installation of the unit again, which I certainly don’t want to do. App only seems to give me option for initial installation or to choose an option if I’ve already installed used the “legacy app.”

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1 reply

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Hello RAR,

The purpose of Surfboard Central App is we can use in customizing Wi-Fi name and password , accessing GUI page, checking on connected devices, parental control and so on.

To access the Surfboard Central App please click on the below link and follow the steps :

As you had mentioned start installation of the unit step is repeated again on Sufboard Central App , please note on the Surfboard Central App proceed till STEP NO: 18 if you had already activated the modem select the SKIP option and in the next STEP NO: 19 select I AM ONLINE  and then proceed further you will be able to successfully install the Surfboard Central App.

Incase of any clarifications you can contact us.