SVG2482AC Gateway Default Passwords Not Working

  • 29 May 2023
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Hello Surfboard community!


I have a used SVG2482AC Modem that I am using with my Xfinity internet service that I am having trouble setting up.

I have setup and registered my modem with Xfinity customer service and I am able to connect to the internet through the modem via ethernet. I setup a Wifi network name and password through the initial Web Manager login page but cannot locate that Wifi network on any device I have (phone, laptop, Xbox).


I have been trying to log into the Gateway/Web Manager using the default “admin/password” as many different people/help forums suggested and that combination does not work. I have tried so many combinations and keep getting 5 minute timeouts. I am hoping someone here may know how to help before I try paying money to the Arris customer service support or buying a separate router.


The image below is what I see on the login page. When hovering over the wifi symbol in the top right the message reads: “Status: Unconnected no Devices”. I’m wondering if there may be an issue with the wifi card inside the modem?


Any help is appreciated!



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Hello rcooper202,


We understand you are able to connect on wired internet but not wireless . Lets try doing a Re-set on the Surfboard . Follow the steps on the below link for the same :

After performing the Re-set . Check if you are able to see the default Wi-Fi names of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz on your Phone/Laptop/Xbox 

If you are able to see the default  Wi-Fi names of  2.4 GHz and 5 GHz kindly connect to either one of them and open up a new browser and type in the web manager address 

It will direct you to Welcome Page ,i.e. Lets get Setup kindly create a customized Wi-Fi name and Password .

These steps will provide you to connect to Wi-Fi . 

Note : User name will be :admin and Password will be : password (all in lower case)