going to buy new modem/router question

  • 14 February 2023
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Currently I am renting a Arris tg1682g from Xfinity.  I have a 400 Mbps line from Xfinity and I am not, nor plan on  using the two voice channel available on this modem/router.  My internet usage consist mainly streaming for two smart hi-def TVs and two phone WiFi.  Since I am renting this device, I can't add a VPN to the router, because they (Xfinity) won't give me the device admin password.  So I am now looking to buy my own device and return the rental.  After researching into a replacement modem/router, it looks like a Arris G36 model seems to be the latest/best for me.  Do you agree?  You have something better?

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If you’re looking at using a vpn, what I’d do instead is buy a modem only device. Not a modem/router combo device. Once you’ve done that, then find out what vpn you plan on using and see what router they support. Some they support more than others. Plus it leave you in control of the firmware. When you have modem/router combo devices, the ISP is the one to push/update firmware to them. And they rarely do. so if you have them separated out, you have more control of your firmware for both the vpn option and the firmware upgrade option. 

Its a little more $ at the start but you have more control and if one goes bad, you’re only replacing part of the setup and not the whole thing.