Why does the Mobile App ask for Location Permission?



At ARRIS we take great care to make sure that privacy is maintained for the user.

During the install process using the Mobile Application - SURFboard Central - the Mobile Application may use Bluetooth (namely model W31/W131/W33/W133) or Wi-Fi based access during the install process to connect the mobile device’s application to:

1 - an onboarding SSID used for direct connection between App and Device; OR

2 - your mobile device to newly created (or changed) Home Network

To support these use cases that are critical in Wi-Fi management of your home network, the App requires access to the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi interfaces.

As such, both Android and iOS have combined these interfaces with Location Services permission.

Android reference:



At ARRIS, we want to stress that we are not collecting location information of the mobile device.

As applicable, please select the option to use location services only when the App is active.

This setting disables at system the ability of any Application to collect any background location data.

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