Why can't I sign into a non-broadcasting 5GHz?

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Is there a situation where signing into a non-broadcasting 5Ghz G36 is not possible? I have my 5GHz access not broadcasting.  However, choosing “Other” Wifi in MacOS Ventura and entering the 5GHz SSID information and obtaining a connection has never been a problem until lately.  Lately, I have to set the 5GHz to broadcast to sign in.  If I revert back to non-broadcast, I then can't sign in. Any insight will be appreciated.




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On your photo, are you click on “wireless radio: disable:”?

If so, that disables the whole radio, not just the ssid broadcast. 

That’d why it won’t connect. 


Also, why are you trying to disable the wifi ssid? those who are going to hack your wifi, are going to be able to find your wifi easily

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No I did not click on Disable. I posted a screenshot of 5GHz Radio in case someone needed to see these settings to help me figure out the problem.

Why do you think someone can easily hack my wifi?

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Didn’t say it was easy to hack. But if they’re going to hack someone's wifi, disabling the ssid broadcast does nothing to benefit and only harms ease of operation for it. 

Debunking Myths: Is Hiding Your Wireless SSID Really More Secure? (


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Ok thanks!