Best practices to secure home network

  • 1 June 2022
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Hello SB community!


I know I can set up a wifi name and password to personalize my network, but I was wondering which features or settings will help to secure my home network. I know companies are implementing many security systems for example this new thing called private address and so on. I’m willing to read suggestions!


2 replies

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Some extra recommendations will be:


  • Placing the firewall of your gateway on the configuration that fits the most on your security environment
  • create Guest networks to avoid third party person joining into your main personal network
  • use passwords that fits the security criteria (at least 8 characters, 1 upper case, 1 number, 1 special character)
  • Installing a VPN on working computers is always a good advice

Hope those advices works out to make your network way better protected



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@Siuu1994 had a lot of great recommendations. Other options would be to make sure that you are using the most up to date security protocol, WPA2/AES is still one of the most common and best for backwards compatibility (for older devices) right now, but WPA3/AES is starting to be more common on newer devices, and would be the best for Wi-Fi security today. You can also hide your SSID so that it’s not visible, only the people who know your SSID and password will be able to connect to it. 

Some more extreme ways would be to manually assign/reserve the IP address to each client and then limit your subnet to only the range of your assigned/reserved IP addresses. However, as long as you use a strong password and use either WPA2/AES or WPA3/AES, you should be good.