Enable loopback on w31 mesh router

  • 18 March 2023
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I want to be able do loopback testing.  I have a website I’m developing locally but I either need to test it on my own machine or from an external one but I can’t visit the external IP from my local machine.

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2 replies

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Hello xksteven,

As you are experiencing trouble visiting from external IP from local machine

I would recommend you to do a Port Forwarding for 80 TCP or 80 TCP/UDP to the web browser.

Once done you can try to access the website in your mobile phone using your mobile data service. 

Let us know if this helps. 



This is cumbersome to be forced to switch devices to verify that external IP is working. 

I can't say I would recommend this router to other developers knowing this router lacked this feature or was not developed for the router.