New Modem/Router STILLSlow Wi-Fi on SB8200

  • 20 March 2024
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I posted this about 2 months ago.  I made the adjustments, but I’m still having issues.  In fact, my “guest” network is actually much faster than my main network so I’m not sure what to do.  I created a home network, guest network, and IOT network.  Still it’s not improving. Does anyone have suggestions?  I’m not sure if there are more specific ways to “modify” the modem or settings?  I’m good with technology but no means a modem/network guy.


Thanks for any help!


I recently returned my xfinity modem/router and purchased a new one.  My IT Guy at work suggested the upgrade to speed up my service.

I have the SB8200 modem and TP-Link - AX1800 WiFi 6 Router.

I hooked everything up, but the wifi seems to be slower than before.  I don’t know if something isn’t configured correctly? 

I’m no expert at all so any help would be appreciated.  Here are the screenshots I thought might help.




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SB8200 is just a cable modem so if the slow speed is only on the Wi-Fi then you need to check and configure the Wi-Fi setting to improve the speed of your network. The cable signal level which you have shared show that its not accepted level for upstream. 

The SNR should be above 33 on all of them. The downstream power should always be between -15 and +15. The closer to 0 the better connection. Finally, your upstream power should always be between +45 and +51

On all of those values you should not have more than 3 decibels (or dB) between the lowest and the highest

By having the values in less than that, your device will have interrupted connection, slow or no connection at all.

The values needs to be checked again after reconfiguring the modem so please do hard reset on the modem then check again the signal levels. If still the values remain same you can request ISP to re provision modem.

Also could you please help us with your current speed plan.


My plan is Xfinity 1200 mbps


How do I go about getting those settings you described?  Is that something I have to pay xfinity to have a technician come to do? or do I have to call them to have it set up?



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The SB8200 can connect to Xfinity at a speed of 800Mbps. I advise you to get in touch with your internet service provider and request that they modify your package to fit your compatible speed.


Is there something I should tell them?  Am I paying for faster speed than I can get with the SB8200?  That was recommended to me specifically because I had xfinity?

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Kindly contact your internet service provider to lower your speed plan to 800Mbps, as the SB8200 is only compatible with this speed.


That stinks.  The person who recommended the SB8200 said it would be able to get fastest speed.


What should I tell my provider to do in order to get the speed corrected based on what I currently have?


So i called xfinity and they had no idea what I was talking about with my problems?  Is there something the average person can tell them when I call to fix things?  I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do about adjusting the configuration.


This is the latest status


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As I checked the cable signal levels, all are in range. Only the suggestion is degrade your speed plan from 1200Mbps to 800Mbps to fix the issue.

Also you can visit for further assistance.