SBG6950AC2 wont let me use internet though can connect

  • 24 January 2023
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So got a SBG6950AC2 WiFi cable modem less than 3 months ago and yesterday was saying I didn’t have internet though showed me connected. I did a power cycle, went through my provider (Xfinity) all seems good there showing interest getting to router. I haven’t tried a lan cable due to not having one currently. I deactivated my service to modem. Not tech savvy enough to feel comfortable going in to change settings without confirmation might help. Then I did a full reset and still facing the same problem. I can’t find any customer support on this site besides you guys and hopefully can get some help before my zoom interviews!

1 reply

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Hello Bobbobyyy

                             I am sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thanks for brief explanation, since you have already all the basic trouble shooting like restarting and resetting modem but still there is no internet we would suggest you to reset modem and check the light status and even if there is no internet please login to your modem settings or GUI to check the WAN and LAN IP address to confirm whether your modem is getting internet from your service provider or not, for more assistance on this please use

                                Use the link below to perform hard reset on the modem


            Let us know if this helps.