SURFboard app for iPhone shows wrong device as (me)

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Seems like the Surfboard Central app picks the wrong device as me and so when I run a speed test from the phone it says I’m running it from my TV which is offline etc. Anyway to fix that ?


Best answer by SURFboard Moderator 7 July 2023, 16:48

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Hello Ebojager

                          This is the first time we getting this issue on the Surfboard central app, but we need know what your network setup is, whether you have Gateway combination of modem and router for App setup or for the Max router? for which you are using surfboard central app 

                           If the app is used for the gateway you can try uninstalling and reinstalling app and use the sign in option to setup the application and check again.



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Ya it’s the modem router gateway G36. I tried your method of uninstalling and that worked the first time but the second time it did not. I just uninstalled it last week as it was just too annoying not being able to get it to pick the right device. I think last re install I chose to setup new even though it was already setup. I did see an option for when you setup via the web but for some reason I couldn’t get that to continue. Seems it might be picking that device with the closest up address to the gateway???

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Hello Ebojager,

Try doing a Reset uninstall and reinstall the app once, try with a different device and follow the link below for the Surfboard Central App:

To do a Reset :

To access the SURFboard Central App