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  • 20 March 2023
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The internet on our computers has gotten much slower that Xfinity says it should be.  Xfinity is blaming the modem (a 4-year-old SURFboard).  There may be something to that as my phone says the speed is 300 to 400, but one computer consistently usually says around 90Mbps (sometimes 50).  The other computer never gets above 30Mbps.  The computers are hard wired through a switch.  The switch also connects 2 smart TVs and 2 Roku devices.  If it means anything Netflix can be a little slow to open, but we’ve never had issues with lags while viewing.


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  1. what modem do you have? lots of modems make 4 years ago and it could be an older model or newer one. Or a base level gear or top end. Tough to know without models
  2. what router is it connected to? 
  3. did you check the hardwired pc to see if it was connected at 10/100mbps speeds or gigabit? makes a big difference
  4. Your wireless speeds? Is that over 2.4ghz or 5ghz? 2.4ghz is a slow network and 30mpb is normal for that with some older routers. 

1 - The modem is an ARRIS SURGboard SVG2482AC. 

2 - The modem is connected directly to the service cable.  A D-Link DSS-16+ switch is then connected to the modem.

3 - Please look at the attached image.  It looks like the hardwired PCs are connected at 100Mbps.  Can this be changed or does that require a different ethernet card?

4 - My phone and laptop are 5Ghz.  I just got 450Mbps on the laptop.  My phone says 585Mbps which is higher than what Xfinity says I should expect.



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that switch isn’t gigabit. Its fast ethernet (10/100) only. So if your devices are connected to the switch, they will max out at the 94mbps. 


I have Wi-Fi (400Mbps+) through the modem so can I just upgrade the switch?

Would I also need to replace the ethernet card? 

Do the 1G cards fit in the same slot as the 100M card?


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Should be able to just replace the switch. 

Is the computer only 10/100mbps internet? 

what pc is it? Gigabit has been pretty much the baseline for pc/laptops for quite a while so you might not need to upgrade. 


Check the image I posted earlier showing the speed at 100Mbps.  Is that limited by the card or the motherboard or both?  Would upgrading the card to something like the TP-Link 2.5GB PCIe Network Card (TX201) improve the speed?  Is that card likely to fit in my current slot?

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Your photo doesn’t show what model you have. just that its connected at 100mbps. 

If you’re connecting it to a 100mbps switch, that’ll be all it connects at. but it might be gigabit capable and you don’t need any pc parts. tough to know without more info about what computer/ethernet adapter you have built in


It’s an Intel i218-V.  I looked up the specs and it says 1Gbps per port (there are 2 USB ports on the card).

If that is the case I guess I just need to replace the switch.