Arris VAP3400E firmware

  • 23 March 2023
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I have acquired used Arris VAP3400E devices which I am currently using to wirelessly connect IPTV STB device.

I would like to know if there is a newer version of the firmware and where I can download it from?

I managed to log in to the device and I can see that it currently has software version: 10.06.13

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4 replies

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Wow, they do make it tough to find if there’s firmware for that device. 

Maybe @SURFboard Support @SURFboard Moderator can help as I didn’t find anything on their site for it. 

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Hi @tiger1984,


We provide support for SURFboard products.  Non-SURFboard products like your VAP3400E is manufactured specifically for service providers to distribute directly to their subscribers.  The service providers are the ones to manage firmware updates and offer support for their products. 


We do not post firmware for the VAP3400 because support is offered by service provider.  I suggest try reaching out to your service provide for firmware updates. 

My service provider does not offer this device so I can forget about supporting this device :(

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Is it having an issue that you think you need a firmware update to fix?