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  • 6 April 2023
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Bought a used SBG 8300.  Modem works except wifi was setup by previous user and I do not have the password.   I tried to reset the modem by pressing the reset button more than 5 seconds however the modem would not revert back to factory settings after the reset.  

What are my options?

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First, my best recommendation is to disconnect the coax cable from the back of your SBG8300. Then, make sure you are using a suitable item to do the reset (paper clip, toothpick, tip of a pen). Make sure you feel the reset button being pressed (reset button located above the 4 ethernet ports) hold down this button for at least 10 seconds, SBG8300 will reboot if after those 10 secs you do not see nay changes on the lights maybe you can try to press it for a little longer. Wait until the first light starts to blink then reconnect the coax cable, after this you should see the default wifi names (the ones printed on the label) showing up on your devices.

If you want to customize your wifi credentials after the reset you can follow the steps in the link below: